If you run a supplement company, you are far from alone. Supplement companies are a dime a dozen right now. Of course, not all supplement formulations were created equal. However, even if your supplement formulation is better than the competition’s, it may not go anywhere if it isn’t marketed properly. So what separates “the men from the boys”, so to speak, when it comes to effectively marketing a new supplement? Three words – expert supplement copywriters. We’re not talking good, but great – supplement copywriters that turn out copy that converts.

So, what makes a supplement copywriter great, as opposed to just good? To be a great supplement copywriter you need, not just sales skills, but to be able to understand the product that you are trying to sell. That’s the edge that the team at Make A Supplement can give you. We are scientists and naturopaths who keep up-to-date with the latest research related to supplement ingredients. We are also trained copywriters. So basically, we know both the science behind your products, and the techniques needed to sell them.

We work with supplement companies that want credible and effective marketing. Our supplement copywriters use a 7-step system to create content that will bring you a steady stream of new customers.

STEP 1. Define scope and topics.
• Determine the exact scope of the project (types of content needed, how much content, etc.)
• Pick the best topics for the content

STEP 2. Perform literature searches.
• Research the topics in the medical and scientific literature
• Find the best studies on the chosen topics
• Compile information that is credible and based on studies not conjecture
• If necessary, do patent searches to see any limitations

STEP 3. Do keyword research.
• Pick keywords that have the most traffic with the least competition
• Provide the best chance to get to the top of Google
• Discover keywords that will give the best results

STEP 4. Write the content.
• Write the content for each topic based on the research
• Produce well-written, convincing content

STEP 5. Search engine optimize.
• Search engine optimize each topic to ensure correct keyword density
• Do not compromise readability

STEP 6. Final editing.
• Send to you for feedback and comments
• Make edits accordingly
• Ensure everything meets your approval and expectations

STEP 7. Post content online
• Submit the content to where it needs to go based on the decision in step 1
• E.g. send to your webmaster or IT person
• E.g. post on your WordPress blog
• E.g. submit press releases to PR sites

Do yourself a favor – trust your company’s web content to expert supplement copywriters. They know how and why your product works, and therefore can write copy that will be accurate and convincing. Regular copywriters just won’t cut it!