You don’t want just anyone creating your supplement formulation. If you want to formulate a supplement that will be safe and effective, you need the help of an expert supplement formulator; someone with the right education and lots of experience. Our supplement formulators have formulated dozens of products. They keep abreast of new research and trends in the industry, so as to be able to formulate the best products possible; products that will work and are in demand.

Our supplements formulators use a 6-step system to create well-researched, effective and safe supplement formulations that can make you the profits you are aiming for.

STEP 1. Feasibility

  • Provide feedback on whether your supplement idea seems feasible and marketable.

STEP 2. Market Research

  • Look through the competition’s formulations to see all the ingredients currently being used
  • Search for any additional ingredient possibilities not yet being used

STEP 3. Literature Searches

  • Thoroughly review the published scientific literature for each possible ingredient
  • Review related patents if relevant

STEP 4. Formulate

  • Based on the information found, recommend which ingredients to include
  • Decide what the safest and most efficacious dosages are
  • Choose the most effective forms of each ingredient
  • Make decisions based on your budgetary limitations
  • Adjust based on safety data, known side effects and interactions

STEP 5. Detailed Report

  • Write up the findings, listing the chosen ingredients, their dosages and their benefits
  • Include relevant patents
  • Write a batch sheet for the manufacturer
  • Recommend a good manufacturer and fulfillment center
  • Include notes on meeting government regulations where relevant

STEP 6. Manufacture

  • Work with the manufacturer directly to answer any questions
  • Ensure the instructions are clear and understood
  • Prevent any incorrect substitutions of ingredients


As you can see, we are very thorough when we formulate a supplement. We don’t want to leave anything to chance. Following this process has allowed us to formulate a wide range of supplements for different purposes. We are confident that there isn’t any type of supplement formulation that we cannot help you out with. We know that with our knowledge, expertise and experience, we can formulate a supplement for you that will be safe and effective, one that will gain a reputation as the supplement of choice in your particular niche. And, of course, a great reputation equals great sales. And in the end, that’s what you’re looking for, isn’t it?