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  8. OCD supplements
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  10. Children’s cognitive supplements
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  12. Pre-workout and post-workout supplements
  13. Energy and cognitive supplements
  14. Sexual enhancement supplements
  15. Prostate supplements
  16. Female genital health supplements
  17. Male and female multivitamin/mineral supplements
  18. Gummy multivitamins
  19. Gummy probiotics
  20. Gummy omega-3s
  21. Gummy fruit and vegetable blends
  22. Gummy antioxidants
  23. Pet supplements
  24. Pet cleaning/skincare products
  25. Skincare products
  26. Dental hygiene products
  27. Sublingual supplements
  28. CBD isolate supplements
  29. Full spectrum phytocannibinoid supplements
  30. THCa products
  31. Protein beverages
  32. Pain-relief supplements
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Make A Supplement have become an integral component of ZyCal Bioceuticals’ clinical and educational strategies. ZyCal has relied upon Make A Supplement to write several medical papers based upon primary research, as well as develop educational marketing materials for a number of healthcare professional and consumer audiences. Their professionalism, timeliness and competitive pricing has kept ZyCal coming back year after year.

James J. Scaffidi, D.N.M.c., B.Sc.

James J. Scaffidi, D.N.M.c., B.Sc.CEO and President - ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Co., Inc.

Dr. Vieira and the team did an outstanding job researching ingredients for a premium nutritional supplement. The information was critical in creating my formulation. It was done professionally and was supported by quality research citations. I became aware of some branded ingredients that I otherwise would not have considered. I also had Dr. Vieira and the team write portions of several ebooks. I thought their writing was of very high quality. Dr. Vieira and the team was a pleasure to work with and I am very likely to request their assistance on future projects. I highly recommend—you will not be disappointed.

Ron Allen

Ron AllenMedical Doctor - LasikPlus & Vibrant Essence

Make A Supplement provided Naturelle Company with detailed writings for our natural supplement line. They made sure all writings were accurate and FDA complaint. We are extremely pleased with the professionalism of Make A Supplement!

Brenda YoungCEO - Naturelle Company


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