1. You will send your supplement’s list of ingredients and their dosages (some types of products we need you to send the physical product to us as well for hands-on testing)
  2. We will find and read any studies published on the effectiveness of each ingredient
  3. We will review safety data on each ingredient
  4. We will decide whether we think your supplement is indeed safe and effective for its intended purpose
  5. We will prepare you a detailed report of any safety or efficacy problems we have discovered
  • Alaczen high dose probiotics
  • Baby Bright preconception supplement
  • Belkin’s laptop cooling pads
  • Biteamins mosquito protection supplement
  • HGH Advanced human growth hormone booster
  • HemClear hemorrhoid supplement
  • LivaLift female mood enhancement supplement
  • Phen375 weight management supplement
  • Phencaps weight management supplements
  • Precision 3 topical supplement patches