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How To Develop A New Supplement Formulation

Do you have an idea for a great new supplement formulation?  For example, do you have a blend of ingredients in mind that would make a good weight loss or depression supplement? Maybe you are unsure which specific ingredients to include and in what dosages in order to ensure that your new supplement formulation is both safe and effective. Or do you already have a supplement formulation that you came up with, but would like to get the advice and [...]


Supplement Claims Substantiation – Don’t Keep Avoiding It

Claims substantiation – most supplement companies will need it sooner or later. The FDA and FTC are becoming increasingly strict about what can and cannot be said about dietary supplements and they require proper references for any claims that are made. If you haven’t already received a warning letter from the FDA/FTC, chances are that you soon will if you are making claims without proper claims substantiation. But what does proper claims substantiation involve? 1. First, and most importantly, you need [...]